In a world where we are constantly bombarded with how cool everybody is, what they just bought, how they are dressed, which party they are at etc...

It's very easy to constantly compare yourself to what everybody around you owns and are doing....

I call this the "Comparison Game"

And you know what, if you play this frustrating game, you will loose each and every time šŸ˜²

You know why?

Because every time you walk in the Mall, go to a club, travel or if you're working out in the gym, you can easily find someone who is better looking/funnier/more successful, taller, more muscular, smarter.

It won't take long to find someone who scores higher on almost any metric. It's a game you can't win and will only enlarge self-doubt.

Ok, that's great Niels...But what does this have to do with my Pool Game???

Well, actually it works the same way.

If you're at a tournament and look around, you could be comparing your game to other players:

"Wow, I wish I had that stroke!"

"I can never be that creative"

"If I could only break like that"

"My position play isn't even half as good as that"

If you keep this up for a while, then you will feel empty, frustrated and your confidence will drop.

Ok, Solution time!!

Don't compare yourself to others, but instead compare yourself to yourself! So try to be a little better then your previous self. Work on areas that need some improvement. Do this with a growth mindset.

This way you will constantly be a little better then....YOURSELF.

And in this game, everybody wins! šŸ˜€šŸ’Ŗ

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