After finishing Matthew Walker's great book "Why we sleep", I feel extremely motivated to share some of the great new wisdoms of sleep that I learned plus the dangers of sleeping poorly....

First I just want to grab your attention for more then 2min and throw a couple of "wake up call" facts at you 😀

Did you know that two thirds of adults in all developed nations fail to get the recommended 8 hours of nightly sleep. Maybe you're not surprised, but you could be surprised by the consequences.

Routinely sleeping less than 6 or 7 hours a night demolishes your immune system and doubles your risk of cancer! 😳

Is also increases mood disorders, obesity, diabetes, alzheimer and even changes your DNA.....

Do you think these things could help you play better pool?? Hmmmm, I highly doubt it right!

Now let's look at a happier list that could help us in our competitions when we DO sleep right:

Increased Energy, Focus, Memory, Immume system. Healthier, Happier and Less Anxious.

Now that looks like a list that could help us out!!

So actually...if we want to have a great (pool) day, it starts THE NIGHT BEFORE!!

I love this fact, it makes you realize how powerful this is and frankly I believe it's the foundation where all other mental foundation techniques have to stand upon. If you're not sleeping enough, then forget about working out, meditation, practicing. Simply because you won't have the energy needed and the recovery that comes with it. This is MASSIVE in my humble opinion

As Pool Players we need a ton of mental energy so when some players argue that they perhaps do everything for their sport, then this could be an overlooked important section of their training.

Humans at the moment are not sleeping as nature intended it. The duration of sleep and when sleep occurs have been heavily distorted by modernity.

Just as working out and meditation give your body natural "happy pills", (enough) sleep also has this amazing positive reset impact on your system like cleaning your organs and brain.

Ok Niels, I get it. It's important and good for you. What's the problem. I get by just fine on 4-5 hours a night.

Well, 60 years of research has proven that it's more likely to be struck by lightning than that you have a special gene that let's you get by with that little sleep. The problem is that when we are not sleeping enough, we start to get used to feeling "not optimal". Energy goes down, reaction goes down, memory etc. We kind of get used to it!


In other words, you could do much better, but you're not aware of it....!!!

Oh p.s. , you can't catch up what you lost so sleeping longer in the weekends has no effect really....

So what's the problem, why are we struggling so much to sleep the recommended 8 hours a night??

Let's look at the most important time block "The hour before bedtime"

There's chemical in our brain called "Melatonin". It gives our brain the signal that it's time for sleep. Melatonin is created when it gets darker and it's the biggest tool we have to fall asleep. It's our sleep kickstart.

Now the problem is that recent studies have shown that 90% of adults are using some form of portable device before bedtime. First of all the blue light of these devices have a huge impact on our Melatonin release plus we keep activating our brains instead of unwinding and getting nicely relaxed and naturally tired. The effects of "yellow light" are still being researched! And you're still over-activating your brain instead of unwinding.

Tests have also shown that reading on an iPad vs a normal book reduces Melatonin release by up to 50%!!

Conclusion: Most people go to bed wide awake and hyped up!!

Now you're just twisting and turning, getting anxious and it sometimes takes hours and even into the early morning hours before enough melatonin has been released. So what happens?...

You wake up like a train wreck!! Not the best script for a new day where you have a great (competitive) plan....

Luckily here's some solutions to reverse this negative process and get easy results very very fast!!!

- Create a sleep schedule and stick to it. Let's say 23:00-07:00 for example. This is actually the biggest advice. It helps you to build a rhythm.

- Don't exercise too late.

- Avoid caffeine and nicotine right before bedtime

- Avoid alcohol right before bedtime.

- Avoid large meals right before bedtime

- Make sure to leave time to unwind before bedtime

Here's the full list for you with tips and tricks:

I'm sure this will help you to obtain more energy, play better pool and create a better overall vibe in your life!

Good luck with it and start tonight!!! 😴😀

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Speak soon!